Strategic Experience Design


How I work


Good Design is good business

I develop Desirability (research, experience and aesthetics) hand in hand with Feasibility (in collaboration with subject experts) and Viability.

This was also one of my focus points during my MA degree in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, where we collaborate with Imperial College Business School.

The result is a combination of Design Thinking with a lean entrepreneurial approach, creating more evidence while being more efficient.


Good Design goes deep and flies high

While the purpose of design lies in the impact created, a structured approach applies creativity in a targeted way and makes sure to include user, stakeholder and client interests at all moments.

Good design combines vision, practice and strategy. Following this, I enjoy going from powerpoint to people to pixels and back.


Good Design is
hands on

I lead or partake in all phases and all activities of a project's journey. From workshops to facilitate exchange and alignment between stakeholders, to field research that builds my understanding of the people and places I'm designing for. All the way to prototypes of the physical and digital artefacts that make a design system come to life.