Strategic Experience Design

Goalbowl Concept

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in collaboration with Mattia Gobbo, Libby Landenberg and PepsiCo


Goalbowl is a healthy breakfast mix, mass-personalised to support every customer’s own wellbeing goals, building a lasting relationship through a convenient subscription service.


Problem space & research

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Everybody says ‘Live more healthily’! I’m not a nutritionist, how can I know what food trend is actually realistic and what I should actually eat?
— interview response
The supermarket aisles are full of things that scream ‘I’m good for you!’. But they don’t know ME, it’s just mass produced stuff.
— interview response
I think in goals, not ingredients. Wellbeing for me is to be more concentrated, maybe more relaxed and have energy to go to the gym.
— interview response


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The healthy, convenient & personal breakfast that is good for you.

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Validating the proposition


MVP experiment

To validate the user hypothesis (is there a need?), value hypothesis (does the offer solve the need?) and business hypothesis (are customers willing to pay?), a quick experiment was launched. Over 4 days, paid ads targeted health conscious 18–45 year olds in the UK.


MVP landing page runthrough

This drove traffic to an MVP landing page with a simulated order funnel. In addition to insights on the acceptance of the value proposition, this provided a real initial dataset of goals and choice of subscription frequencies of around 80 potential customers.



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In July 2017 Goalbowl was invited to present to Mauro Porcini (Chief Design Officer global) and David Marchant (Head of Design Western Europe) to discuss Service Design Thinking as innovation model at PepsiCo.