Strategic Experience Design


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Empowering housing frontline staff to deliver Islington Council services in more targeted, holistic and preventative ways by enhancing professional human decision making with data-driven intelligence.



in collaboration with JeeYoon Hong, Alex Baer and Islington Council London




To implement Islington housing operation’s vision to create a better targeted and more holistic resident experience, we focused on the unique potential of the frontline staff’s personal interactions with elderly residents, one of the most vulnerable resident groups in the borough, at their homes.

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Housing staff is the gateway to other council services for many of the most vulnerable citizens.
— insight
Many of residents’ acute problems are results of smaller problems accumulated over time and thus are preventable.
— insight
Frontline workers are incredibly motivated to go beyond their core responsibilities to help. But they feel held back by the limited information available.
— insight
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A connected council


Co-Design sprint week

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Final solution

Sparc allows staff spend more time with residents through making referrals on the spot and easily tracking follow-ups, cutting down time spent back at the office.

Sparc encourages to think and act preventatively using the lifecycle planning tool.

Sparc helps staff be informed by giving access to complete resident profiles with identified needs, personal contexts and information from across the council.

Sparc lets staff be proactive rather than having to wait to react to issues by flagging up potential problems and highlighting connected issues.


Staff Testimonials

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Area Housing Manager

“Early recognition of issues is very much about the data points and connecting them in such an integrated way across the whole council.

This is a powerful way of how the corporate strategy translates into a practical solution that recognises our daily challenges.”



Tenancy Management Team Leader

“Impressive. This does a brilliant job demonstrating how my team can prepare better for their interactions and use a digital tool to focus even more on understanding the emotional side of our tenants’ lives.

This will support the human skills of our staff. I think this is the way forward.“