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Stride investment platform

2017 | 2 months runtime

in collaboration with Ji Young Lee, Harsh Kumar and Telefonica Alpha


Stride makes your money work for your dream, in small, easy and guided steps and let's you put your money where your heart is.


Problem & Insights

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Listen to Kyle to understand the struggles he and his peers face when trying to start to putting their savings to work.



The key insights extracted from the user research show 3 main barriers and highlight that this group is not reached by their current banks.



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Stride creates a richer relationship with ones personal finances. It provides guidance and advice to help young savers understand how to invest their money, gives them the opportunity to start small and learn as they go and choose what they want to support with their investment.



This breaks down the barriers to investing and enables users to self-actualise to manage more aspects of their financial life.

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Open Banking API

Starting in early 2018, a new EU directive obligates banks to provide an API that offers access to account data. This gives consumers more choice, and opens the opportunity to give financial advice based on up to date ability and turn spending patterns into stories that pick up important topics and interests in a persons life.



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Expert mentorship by

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Clive Grinyer

Director of Service Design


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Phil Hughes

Programme Director, Service Design and Change Transformation
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)