Strategic Experience Design

WMF Coffee Machines

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WMF Coffee Machines

WMF Group | 2015 | 4 months runtime

project role: Digital Design Lead in my position as Senior User Experience Designer at Designit


Development of the digital user experience and interface design for the next generation of WMF professional and consumer coffee machines.


Testing & Iteration


Before implementation, a fully interactive mockup was created to test 12 use cases. Evaluation together with service staff on site at restaurants gave inspiration for further differentiating features and highlighted areas of improvement. Additionally, 7 sessions were run with consumers to simulate self-service and office use.

In addition, the participation by a client representative in the field test created confidence and buy-in for moving ahead to invest in the implementation and launch of the completely new interface generation.


Release & Impact

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WMF 9000 S+ flagship

WMF first released the new user experience on 2 products of its extensive range. The new flagship WMF 9000 S+ continues to proof the companies’ market leadership in the F&B market with features like queuing for high frequency output and a self service vending mode.

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New territories

The new, simple and enjoyable design helped WMF make its first successful leap into the new segment of self serviced office machines, where the WMF 1100 offers a number of possibilities for individualisation of the design to individual cup sizes and recipes for each office member.

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